Joan Kline Honored, Plus Other Deputy Briefs

A quick roundup of some items from General Convention

  • Deputy Joan Kline was celebrated from the podium this morning for attending 10 consecutive General Conventions. Her encyclopedic knowledge of past convention decisions and history is helping new deputies get acclimated. She serves on the stewardship and development commitee.IMG_7276
  • The Very Rev. Cesar Olivero will be working on the commitee for the Confirmation of the Presiding Bishop after the vote of the House of Bishops. The committee takes the vote of the House of Bishops and brings it to the House of Deputies.
  • The Very Rev. Becky Robbins-Penniman, at her first convention (seen above), is on the Rules of Order Committee, and worked on early prep for the resolutions offered to the Deputies.
Director of Communications at Diocese of Southwest Florida
Garland Pollard is Director of Communications of the Diocese of Southwest Florida.