Major Church Planting Initiative Approved

IMG_4471SALT LAKE CITY – At its 78th General Convention, The Episcopal Church passed a major church planting initiative as well as continuing its support of new congregations and training new church planters.

The resolutions came through the Congregational Vitality Committee, which was co-chaired by Bishop Dabney Smith. It creates a “church-wide network for planting congregations, training and recruiting planters; and establishing new congregations.” The resolution included $5 million budget, which included grants for planting, a staff person to lead the effort and a major Latino component.

The project will likely be larger than the resolution amount, as it includes the provision for additional funds that will be raised by development staff.

The resolution came with other resolutions that were concerned with church growth. These included resolution A012, Continue Funding of Mission Enterprise Zones and resolution A086, Create a Task Force for Latino-Hispanic Congregational Development and Sustainability.

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Director of Communications at Diocese of Southwest Florida
Garland Pollard is Director of Communications of the Diocese of Southwest Florida.